At Inclera, innovation meets

intuitive payment solutions.

Tailored Payment Solutions

From cafés to tech start-ups and large retail brands, we’ve helped Canadian businesses find payment processing solutions that work for them. Innovation meets intuition in our range of simple, smart, and scalable payment solutions that can be customized for any business.

Whether you’re a young eCommerce business looking for a hardware-free solution, or a growing restaurant chain that needs a full-featured point-of-sale system, we partner with people like you.

Inclera cuts across industries, helping businesses of all shapes and sizes get paid and get going with payment solutions that are clear, simple, and complete.


Take payments online or in-store and never miss a sale.


Relax and treat your guests to hassle-free payment processing.


Get paid whenever and wherever you serve customers.


Get a sleek payment solution that never go out of style.

Food & Beverage

Payment processing that doesn’t leave customers hanging.


Multi-platform solutions for cutting-edge businesses.


Grow your business like a pro with clear, simple, and complete payment processing solutions.

Inclera keeps things simple so you can focus on the big picture. Work smarter, process payments smoother, and drive revenues today. Contact us to find out how.

Services and Support

As partners in growth, we mean it when we say we’re here for you and your business.

That’s why we have regular check-ins to make sure everything’s running smoothly. That’s why we offer 24/7 technical support in the rare event that they don’t. That’s why you’ll never have to deal with a robot whenever you need help.

Our account representatives are always available during business hours to answer questions, review reports, and discuss any ideas you may have about our products and services.

Safety and Security

We support clients in complying with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards.

Our PCI Compliance Program gives you the tools you need to maintain a secure payment environment. Adhering to the PCI Data Security Standards ensures customers are protected with the highest level of data security.

While you’re protecting your customers, we’ll be protecting you through solutions that minimize your exposure, in the rare event that a data breach ever happens.

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